Waggin Train Treats for Dogs, Adult, Chicken Jerky Tenders

Treats for adult dogs 5 lbs & over. Delicious breasts of real chicken. 100% real. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives added. The Waggin' Way: It's simple. Be yourself. And our dogs are the perfect example of that. Like how they flop right down in a mud puddle without a care in the world. It's that just-be-yourself kind of nature that inspires the best kind of fun - and the best kind of snacks. That's why we just let our snacks be the real good stuff they are. Like our Chicken Jerky Tenders - we just let chicken be chicken. All real, just like our dogs. Come on over to wgggintrainbrand.com for more real fun! Treated by irradiation for freshness and quality. Product of China.