Victoria Mexican Lager Beer

Victoria Mexican Beer is a delicious, easy-drinking Vienna style lager from Mexico's oldest beer brand. Perfect to enjoy on its own, while watching game or reminiscing with friends, this amber beer delivers authentic Mexican flavors and aromas of orange blossom honey on toast with 135 calories per serving. This lager beer is brewed with water, barley malt, non-malted cereals and hops, giving it a frothy light-to-medium body. Its toasted malt character is perfectly balanced by a smooth, crisp finish with hints of tangy apple butter and starfruit. Enjoy this ultra-premium beer with grilled meats and vegetables, mild cheeses, almond biscotti, Asian and Latin food. Victoria beer - Mexico's best kept secret has finally arrived. Drink responsibly. Victoria™ Beer. Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL