Tyson Tastemakers® Chicken Paella One Pan Dish, Serves 3

Make home-cooked meals simple and delicious with Tyson Tastemakers® Chicken Paella One Pan Dish. Starting with par-cooked arborio rice, our one pan dish also includes all natural* chicken breast and rib meat tossed in a smoked paprika rub, paella seasoning and tomato-herb broth. Made with pre-portioned ingredients, our chef-inspired recipes cut out prep time to bring tasty entrees from pan to plate in just 15 minutes. Only requiring oil, a skillet, spatula and water, our one pan dishes will focus on the best parts of meal-time: cooking and eating. Simply cook the chicken in the skillet first and then add the rice, water and broth after 5 to 6 minutes, stir for 5 minutes and enjoy for a delicious weeknight dinner. Includes one 28.5 oz. Chicken Paella One Pan Dish. Package serves 3. *Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients One 28.5 oz. Tyson Tastemakers® Chicken Paella One Pan Dish Ready in just 15 minutes All natural chicken breast raised with no antibiotics ever Includes arborio rice, tomato-herb broth and paella seasoning Ready to cook Requires cooking oil, a skillet, water and spatula