SWEET EARTH Pad Thai 9 oz. Box

Super 5 foods. 8 grams of protein per serving. 4 g fiber. High Vit. A & C. Good source calcium & iron. Zero cholesterol. Made with organic carrots, tofu & rice noodles. Vegan. Certified Organic by CCOF. A culinary mural of Thailand. A saucy rice noodle dish with carrots, bell peppers, snow peas & seasoned tofu. Bold Thai flavors Bangkok. Perfect for: lunch, snack or dinner. We believe meals are meant to nourish & strengthen as well as comfort & delight. Our entrees are crafted with 5 inherently healthy, nutrient - dense ingredients known as super foods to nourish your body with each savory bite! Ready in minutes. Check out other bold-flavored foods from Sweet Earth! www.sweetearthfoods.com (at)sweetearthfoods. Get Nourished with Super 5 Foods Today: Carrots. Bell peppers. Shiitake mushrooms. Green onions. Garlic. Organic is non-GMO & more. Discover the national dish of Thailand! This vegetarian - style Pad Thai delivers on the authentic flavors of this culturally - inspired dish, striking the perfect balance of sweet, sour and savory. A beautiful mural of rich tofu and crisp vegetables, a poignant blend of tamarind and lime, and saucy rice noodles seasoned to perfection. Try this Thai, and savor the tastes of Thailand, from generations past to present day.