Strengthtape Precut Strips, Foot & Ankle

Prevent & support common injuries. Exclusive AllSport it sticks adhesive. Instructions included. Water resistant. 5-7 day use. Great for: ankle; foot; achilles tendon; top of foot; ball of foot; heel. East, pre-cut applications with instructions included. Maximum Performance: AllSport Adhesive that can be worn in any condition or environment including water, for up to 7 days. StrengthTape can be worn 24/7 to help you stay active and healthy. Provide support & stability for muscles and joints without limiting range of motion. Provides compression for injuries. A great alternative to heavy bandages and braces. Not made with natural rubber latex. CE listed. Watch how easy it is to put on. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)StrengthTape. Designed in the USA and assembled in China.