Sargento® Sliced Reduced Fat Provolone Cheese - 6.67 oz

Sargento® Reduced Fat Provolone Cheese Slices. Keep cheese fresh with Fresh-Lock® double zipper. Sliced reduced fat provolone natural cheese with smoke flavor added. 33% less fat. Made with 2% milk. 25% fewer calories. Compared to Sargento provolone cheese. Our family's passion is Cheese™. The best cheese is always real, natural cheese. Natural cheese. Any way you slice it. Grilled cheese deserves it. Burger demand it and no self-respecting sandwich would ever settle for less. "Authentic, wholesome cheese makes it delicious every time." Lou Gentine. Second generation of family ownership. Fat is reduced from 5g to 3g. Calories are reduced from 70 to 50. Savor the difference real makes at Questions or comments Please call Sargento consumer affairs at 1-800-CHEESES (1-800-243-3737) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Central time), Monday - Friday. Please provide the freshness date on the package and the UPC bar code numbers. ©2015 Sargento Foods Inc., All rights reserved. Package layout, design, and colors are reg. U.S. Fresh-Lock® is a registered trademark of presto products company.