Salve Pain Relief, Natural, Achy

90% Certified Organic Content. Gluten free. Salve: All natural and organic skin care. Tendinitis; backache; leg cramps; sore muscles; arthritis; bruises; sprains. Fresh, simple and healthy! 100% Natural - Based on natural medicine. Handcrafted. No artificial fragrance. No artificial dyes. No aluminum. No petrochemicals. No phthalates. No propylene glycol. No mineral oils. No silicone. No sulfates. No parabens. No weird stuff. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. (at)SalveNaturals. Go Texan. Thank you for supporting your local businesses and farmers! - Dahlia Kelada, Founder/CEO. Try other emergency Salves: Itchy/Bitten; Breathe Deeply; Rough/Dry; Scratched. Please recycle. Cruelty free. FDA Approved. Other information: Store at less than 25 degrees C (77 degrees F) with lid closed tightly.