Salve Natural Analgesic, Itchy/Bitten

90% Certified Organic Content. Gluten free. All natural and organic skin care. Fresh, simple and healthy! No: Artificial fragrance; artificial dyes; aluminum; petrochemicals; phthalates; propylene glycol; mineral oils; silicone; sulfates; parabens; weird stuff. Color may vary. Handcrafted. Bites. Stings. Rashes. Poison Ivy-oak-sumac stops itch, swelling and redness. Salve sources from American farmers when possible! 100% Natural. Based on natural medicine. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. (at)SalveNaturals. Go Texan. Thank you for supporting your local businesses and farmers! - Dahlia Kelada, Founder/CEO. Try Other Emergency Salves: Scratched; Achy; Breathe Deeply; Rough/Dry. Cruelty free. Please recycle. FDA listed. Other information: Store at less than 25 degrees C (77 degrees F) with lid closed tightly.