Ray Padula Bypass Pruner, Medium Duty

8 inch forged bypass pruner. For live branches & stems. Cutting Diameter: 3/4 inch (1.90 cm). Features: Forged, fully hardened carbon steel blades stay sharp even with heavy use. Comfi-grip handles with safety clasp keep blades closed when not in use. Features, Benefits and Usage: Ideal for cutting live branches, stems and new growth. Forged, fully hardened high carbon steel blades stay sharp, even with tough use. Comfi-grip handles relieve hand stress for a smooth cutting action. EZClasp safety clip keeps blades closed when not in use. Ideal for pruning: live branches; new growth. Lifetime warranty. For full warranty information, visit raypadula.com/warranty. raypadula.com. Join us! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)raypadulagarden. Made in China.