Purina Tidy Cats For Multiple Cats Standard Litter Liners - 8 ct. Box

Keep your cats' litter boxes neat and tidy with Purina Tidy Cats drawstring litter box liners. Featuring a tear-resistant design, these liners keep litter away from the bottom of each box to allow for easy cleanup. The heavy-duty construction is ideal for multiple cat households, standing up to regular use by all the members of your feline family. With their convenient setup, these liners are easy to put in place and remove when it's time to change each cat's litter box. Use these liners with clumping or non-clumping Tidy Cats litter solutions, and spend less time cleaning up after your cat companions. Each durable cat box liner boasts a light, fresh scent to help defend against strong odors, so your cats are happy and willing to use their boxes each and every day. Check litter box cleanup off your list when you put these litter box liners to use in your home. Take the guesswork out of litter box cleanup with Purina Tidy Cats drawstring litter box liners. The universal design fits most litter boxes, and the drawstring closures make it easy to secure used litter when transferring it to a trash receptacle. The durable, tear-resistant design stands up to paws and claws, keeping each liner intact while in use. With the lightly scented fragrance, these litter box liners help to keep your home smelling fresh and clean while keeping unpleasant odors at bay. The simple configuration makes it easy to switch out batches of litter to keep each of your cats' boxes ready for use. Simply remove the old liner, secure the drawstring, and place a new liner in each litter box. You can then pour in your preferred cat litter, making each box ready for use once again. Rest easy knowing that the heavy-duty strength of each liner keeps the litter contained inside to prevent messes on your floors.These Tidy Cats liners are part of our complete line of litter solutions. For hassle-free litter box maintenance, look to Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action non-clumping litter, which goes to work right away to fight odors. If you prefer round-the-clock odor protection in a scoopable litter, opt for our Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance clumping litter. We recommend removing solid waste from your cats' litter boxes every day and cleaning each box with warm water and a mild detergent litter changes. Provide even more odor protection for your feline family's litter box area with our specially formulated Tidy Cats litter deodorizer, and bring a crisp, pleasant scent to your home. With so many different litter solutions, there's sure to be a Tidy to fit the unique needs of your beloved cat companions. Litter box liners make cleanup quick and easy Light, fresh scent helps to defend against strong odors Tear-resistant design keeps litter in the liner and not in the box Drawstring closures let you secure each liner for easy disposal Heavy-duty construction keeps litter secure inside each liner Designed to fit most litter boxes Easy to install and remove