Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food; Salmon Entree in Sauce - 5.5 oz. Can

Give your cat the nutrition she needs for a healthy, active life when you fill her dish with Purina Pro Plan Salmon Entree in Sauce adult wet cat food. This recipe features real salmon along with other high-quality ingredients you can feel good about serving to her at feeding time each day, and a delicate sauce adds delicious flavor and moisture to every tender bite. Each delicious serving contains essential nutrients to help support her healthy immune system, and it's formulated to help support her healthy skin and coat, so your cat companion looks and feels her best every day. She gets the taste and texture she loves for a sensory experience that keeps her coming back for more, and you get the satisfaction that comes from serving her a meal that provides her with complete and balanced nutrition to help support her overall health and wellness. Tempt your cat's taste buds with Purina Pro Plan Salmon Entree in Sauce adult wet cat food, and give her extraordinary nutrition and exceptional taste at mealtime. This delectable recipe is made with high-quality ingredients that are carefully chosen for a specific purpose, and each serving provides her with 25 essential vitamins and minerals plus taurine, an amino acid. We package this wet cat food formula in a convenient pull-tab can, giving you an easy way to fill her dish with the foods she loves each and every day. Serve this recipe according to the feeding instructions based on her weight, and adjust the portions as needed to help her maintain an ideal body condition. Make this Purina Pro Plan wet cat food the main course at every feeding, or mix things up by alternating between it and our other equally tasty Purina Pro Plan wet cat food varieties.Purina Pro Plan offers more than 80 wet and dry cat food formulas across four distinct nutritional platforms, including SAVOR, FOCUS, PRIME PLUS and TRUE NATURE, so there's sure to be a formula to meet the nutritional needs of every cat in your pet family at every stage of life. Our Purina Pro Plan products are trusted and recommended by hundreds of veterinarians, breeders and rescue groups nationwide, so you can feel confident serving them to your favorite feline at mealtime each day. We proudly manufacture this recipe in our Purina-owned U.S. facilities. Our team of pet experts performs regular checks for quality and safety throughout each step of the manufacturing process to provide you with added peace of mind. Help your cat thrive when you offer her the delicious goodness and proven nutrition found in every serving of Purina Pro Plan Salmon Entree in Sauce adult wet cat food. Made with real salmon Contains essential nutrients to help support a healthy immune system Helps support your cat's healthy skin and coat Offers a sensory experience cats love Every high-quality ingredient is carefully chosen for a specific purpose Delivers extraordinary nutrition with exceptional taste Packaged in a convenient pull-tab can for easy serving