Purina Fancy Feast Broth Wet Cat Food Complement; Appetizers White Meat Chicken - 1.1 oz. Tray

Indulge your cat with the decadent flavors of Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers White Meat Chicken in a Tuna Broth adult cat complement. High-quality white meat chicken is featured in every serving of this gourmet recipe. The real, recognizable ingredients look tempting enough for you to eat but are chosen especially for pampered cats like yours. The tender, flaked morsels offer an appealing texture, and a delicate broth adds moisture to every bite to create an exceptional dining experience. She gets the delicious flavors she wants, and you get the comfort that comes from serving a complement to her complete and balanced diet that's made from real, high-quality ingredients you recognize and trust. Create special moments to share with your cat when you offer her this adult cat complement between feedings, and watch as she savors every delightful bite. Entice your cat with Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers White Meat Chicken in a Tuna Broth cat complement, and give her a flavorful complement to her complete and balanced diet. This cat food complement features real, recognizable ingredients you can feel good about giving her, and the delicious taste serves as an irresistible reward for your cat's loving companionship. We present this delectable cat food complement in a convenient single-serving tray, so you never need to contend with cleanup, giving you more time to spend playing with your cat. Serve this tasty cat food complement according to the serving instructions on the packaging. To give your cat the complete and balanced nutrition she needs along with the gourmet dining experience she deserves, look to our complete line of Purina Fancy Feast wet and dry cat foods. With over 100 recipes to choose from, there's sure to be an entree your cat can savor at every feeding. Your cat depends on you to meet her every need, so you want to provide outstanding nutrition that help keep her happy and healthy throughout her long life with you. Giving your cat the love she deserves starts with giving her the gourmet tastes she loves. With Purina Fancy Feast, you can give her that exceptional level of taste in every cat food and complement you serve her. Our promise to you is sealed inside every package, including this one. We've been proudly crafting Purina Fancy Feast for more than 30 years, and our brand has more than 90 years of experience pushing pet nutrition forward and creating innovative products. Make the most out of the special moments you spend with your cat and show her a bit of extra affection when you present her with Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers White Meat Chicken in a Tuna Broth cat complement. Features real, recognizable ingredients Served in a convenient peel-and-serve tray Delicate broth rounds out this flavorful recipe Serve as a between-meal treat Made with high-quality protein Tender flaked texture to tempt your cat Meant as a complement to your cat's complete and balanced diet