Pampers Cruisers Diapers, 3 (16-28 lb), Giant Pack

7-13 kg. New. Stay-put waist. Pampers all night protection (Up to 12 hours of protection) Hypoallergenic 0% parabens/Latex (Natural rubber). Fun designs! Designs may vary. Hypo-allergenic. Lockaway Channels: Absorb wetness and lock it away from skin. Stay-Put Waist: 2x stretcher sides (vs the leading moving baby sub-brand) and strong grips for non-stop fit. Fit Guide: Match the letters during fastening for a consistent and secure application. Air-Dry Channels: Breathable dryness and up to 12 hours of leak protection. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers: Gently seal around baby's legs to protect where leaks happen most. New & improved. If you notice gel-like material on your baby's skin, don't be alarmed. This comes from the diaper padding and can be easily removed by wiping your baby's skin with a soft, dry cloth. Contains 2 package of liners of 60 diapers each. Package oliners are not intended for individual retail sale. Pampers Club: Download. Scan. Save. Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play. Valid in the US, Canada & PR. For more information on common diapering questions such as choosing the right Pampers product for your baby, preventing diaper leaks, diaper rash, and potty training, please consult or call 1-800-Pampers. Questions? 1-800-Pampers (1-800-726-7377). Want to know more? Visit Try Pampers Sensitive Wipes. Try Cruisers 360 degrees Fit. Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.