Outsiders Pizza, Cheese, Chicago Style

Whole milk mozzarella, provolone, tomato sauce, oregano, deep dish cornmeal crust. Deep dish crush. Damn good. Damn good pizza can come from anywhere. At outsiders, we're giving the best regional pizzas their moment. These pizzas come from great american cities like Detroit and Chicago, where crust is king and the cheese flows like champagne. We pay these local pizza styles tribute for one reason: they taste damn good. Chicago. It's a deep dish, upside-down sorta town. When in doubt go deep. In the case of pizza, we're talking as deep as a cake pan, with enough broad-shouldered flavor to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Because more is more, especially on a wind-whipped Midwest day. And just like surviving a Chicago winter, the key to good Chicago pizza is layers. And lots 'em. A buttery wheat and cornmeal dough lays the foundation. From there, things go a bit upside-down: a thick layer of stretchy white mozzarella, toppings on the middle, and a crushed tomato sauce on top. outsiderspizza.com. how2recycle.info. (at)outsiderpizza. Contact us: 1-800-637-8543.