Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Easy-To-Use-Foam

Miracle-Gro® Indoor Easy-To-Use Foam Plant Food. Miracle-Gro® indoor plant food 1-1-1. Guaranteed analysis - F 1144. Total nitrogen (N) - 1.0%. 0.5% urea nitrogen. 0.25% ammonical nitrogen. 0.25% nitrate nitrogen. Available phosphate (P2O5) - 1.0%. Soluble potash (K2O) - 1.0%. Derived from: urea, ammonium nitrate and potassium phosphate. Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at http://www.regulatory-info-sc.com. In Mississippi, this product is classified as a low analysis fertilizer. Sold and guaranteed by: Miracle-Gro Lawn Products, Inc. 1-800-645-8166. ©2013 Miracle-Gro Lawn Products, Inc. World rights reserved.