Melissa & Doug Playset, Ice Cream Cone, Scoop & Stack

Ages 3+. 4 Favorite Flavors: Vanilla - 1 scoop; Chocolate - 1 scoop; Strawberry - 1 scoop; Mint Chocolate Chip - 1 scoop. 2 wooden cones. 2 ice cream scoopers. Scoops magically attach to scoopers and cones! Homestyle. Ice Cream: chocolate; vanilla; strawberry; mint chocolate. Helps teach patterning, sorting and beginning math skills. Promotes memory, creative expression, fine motor and hand/eye development. Extension Activities: 1. Place the 4 ice cream scoops, 1 wooden cone and 1 ice cream scooper in front of the child. Ask the child to stack the scoops one at a time on top of the cone and say the name of each flavor as they stack them. 2. Arrange the four ice cream scoops in front of the child. Ask the child to study the order of the scoops. Scramble the scoops while the child closes his/her eyes. Ask the child to unscramble the scoops to match the original pattern. 3. Order an ice cream cone from the child. Ask the child to use the scooper to make a cone that matches the sequence of your order. 4. Have the child stack multiple scoops on the cone and balance them while walking to a point across the room and back. Melissa & Doug products meet or exceed all US toy testing standards and pass our high quality requirements. We care about your comments. Please call us! 1.800.284.3948. Made in China.