Love Good Fats Snack Bars, Peanut Butter Chocolatey

1 g sugar (per 39 g bar). 5 g (per 39 g bar) net carbs. 10 g (per 39 g bar) protein. 14 g (per 39 g bar) fats. Gluten free. Keto friendly. Non GMO Project verified. Hello! I'm Suzie and i'm on a mission to bring good fats back into our diets - and cut sugar out - all in a ridiculously delicious new bar - so it's easy to eat & enjoy good fats. New & improved. Love good fats. Ridiculously delicious. Truffle-like texture! Made with: grass fed whey protein. Responsibly sourced palm kernel and palm oil ( Fat is back sugar is out. Grass fed whey. Sustainable. No added soy. No sugar alcohols. 100% money back guaranteed visit for more information. Connect (at) Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Try our other flavors ( Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.