Ling Ling® Chinese-Style Vegetarian Vegetable Fried Rice 22 oz. Box

Ling Ling® Chinese-Style Vegetable Fried RiceChinese cuisine is loved the world over for its sweet-savory sauces and seasonings that lend crave-worthy flavor to even the simplest dishes. A bowl of vegetables and rice might be dinner in any Chinese home; Ling Ling's recipe features a variety of flavorful vegetables including edamame, carrots, fire roasted corn, and red bell peppers all tossed in a traditional soy-based sauce. At Ling Ling, our infused rice is made with a special combination of sauces and seasonings to deliver delicious flavor in every bite. Our rice is blended with the finest authentic ingredients to bring the true flavors of Asia to your table. Ready in 8 Minutes Meal for 2