K-10+ Calming Supplement Functional Soft Chews for Dogs - 30 ct. Pouch

Give your dog the support he needs to stay calm and free from stress every day with K-10+ Water Soluble Calming dog supplement. This veterinarian-recommended formula offers an optimal combination of ingredients designed to help him cope with both nerves and stress, so he can stay his best, playful self every day. The water-soluble supplement is nine times more effective than other methods of delivery, and it eliminates the frustration of providing hard-to-swallow pills and tablets. Each individual packet provides a convenient form to help your dog cope with separation anxiety and curb destructive behavior, so you can worry less about chewed up slippers and feel confident your best buddy remains calm throughout the day. Your dog gets a non-drowsy formula you can feel good about putting in his water dish to help him stay alert but relaxed. With K-10+ dog supplements, it's easy to take your K-9 to the next level. Show your dog how much you care about his overall health and happiness when you choose K-10+ Water Soluble Calming dog supplement. Designed to meet the needs of canines that are exposed to increased environmental stressors, this supplement for dogs helps support his balanced behavior and reduce barking and hyperactivity. Whether he gets nervous during thunderstorms or rides in the car, this unique formula helps him calm down. We don't use additives, flavors, fillers, artificial colors or preservatives in this supplement. Each packet contains no corn, wheat or soy, and this product does not make use of L-tryptophan for added peace of mind. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, including B vitamins and chamomile, this formula offers an effective way to help your dog be his best while still being gentle on his system. The simple format dissolves in water for fast, easy preparation. Follow the instructions on the packaging based on your dog's weight, and add the packet to a fresh bowl of water. Because these supplements are safe for use in households with cats, you can fill your dog's dish without worry each day.We know you care about the products you give to your canine companion, and that's why we are committed to producing the highest quality pet products to help maximize your dog's life and longevity. All of our advanced formulas are highly palatable and easy for your dog to digest, taking the guesswork out of giving him the care he needs. We proudly manufacture these supplements in the USA using only the finest ingredients. Let your dog start off every day on the right paw with K-10+ Water Soluble Calming dog supplements, and look to our complete line of dog supplements to help every member of your pack achieve greatness. Contains the optimal combination of ingredients to help dogs cope with stressors Water-soluble formula is 9x more effective than other delivery modes Non-drowsy formula Gentle enough for daily use Made without corn, wheat or soy Contains no additives, flavors, fillers, artificial colors or preservatives Does not make use of L-tryptophan