IAMS™ Chicken & Whole Grains Recipe Puppy Super Premium Dog Food 15 lb. Bag

Why IAMS Smart Puppy Recipe?Not all dogs are the same, so why feed them the same generic food? The IAMS brand understands that puppies have unique needs. That's why we've crafted our IAMS Smart Puppy recipe with Omega-3 DHA for smarter, more trainable puppies, and high-quality protein to help build strong muscles. With this premium tailored recipe, you can be confident that your puppy will always be at their best, today and every day.Look for the IAMS difference. Healthy CognitionOmega-3 DHA for smarter, more trainable puppies.Healthy DigestionTailored blend of wholesome fiber & natural prebiotics for healthy digestion.Strong MusclesBuilds strong, firm muscles with protein sourced from chicken and egg.Strong Immune SystemEnriched with antioxidants to help develop a strong immune system.Healthy Skin and CoatBalanced ratio of Omega-6 and 3 for healthy skin and shiny coat.Healthy EnergyWholesome grains provide essential nutrients & carbohydrates for healthy energy. IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Growth, Gestation and Lactation except for growth of large size dogs (70 lb. or more as an adult). 100% Complete & Balanced for Growth of Small and Medium Sized Puppies Made with Real Wholesome Ingredients