Hillshire® Snacking Small Plates, Apple Chardonnay Pork with Gouda Cheese, 2.76 oz.

Tender strips of cured pork and natural Gouda cheese come together in Hillshire® Snacking Small Plates for a grown-up twist on snack time. Our Apple Chardonnay Pork Small Plate features chef-curated ingredients and flavors such as warm fennel and the rounded acidity from apples and wine for a truly elevated snacking experience. Try pairing with a glass of chilled Chardonnay to further enhance the flavors of the savory pork strips and rich Gouda. Perfectly portioned for snacking on-the-go, our Apple Chardonnay Pork Small Plate has 15 grams of protein in each ready-to-eat serving. Includes one 2.76 ounce package. We’re big believers in a little thing called snack time. To us snacking is not about rushing or mindless eating. It’s about turning a few stolen moments into an elevated celebration that deserves to be savored. We’re here to turn snacking into an occasion, and you’re invited. One 2.76 oz. Apple Chardonnay Pork Small Plate Features tender strips of cured pork paired with creamy Gouda cheese Chef-inspired ingredients and flavors for an elevated snacking experience Excellent source of protein - 15 grams per serving Ready-to-eat straight from the refrigerator Single serving for the perfect snack