Hefty® Ultra Strong™ 30 Gallon Multipurpose Large Trash Drawstring Bags White Pine Breeze™ 34 ct Box

Hefty® Multipurpose 30 gal.Uses:• Party Clean Up• Storage and Donations• Garage and Basement Trash• Yard Clean UpFeatures:• Resists Tears, Punctures & Leaks• Large Capacity• Arm & Hammer™ Odor Control• Drawstring Closure• Expandable Strength• White Pine Breeze™ Scent Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Superior Strength for Heavy Duty Jobs• Patented Odor Neutralizer. Helps Control Nasty Odors• Expandable Strength. For Heavy Duty Jobs• Triple Action Technology. Superior Hefty® Strength. Money Back Guarantee. Triple Action TechnologyResists• Tears• Punctures• Leaks Patented Odor Neutralizer Arm & Hammer, The Standard of Purity™ • Resists Tears, Punctures & Leaks• Drawstring Closure• Large Capacity• Expandable Strength