Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Chocolates, Fine Assorted

The art of variety 8 recipes - 24 premium specialities. Ferrero presents a new signature in premium chocolate: Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature. Delight in the surprising variety of finely crafted chocolates with unique flavor combinations enhancing the distinctive note of each ingredient. The art of variety. This Ferrero quality seal helps preserve to ensure the ultimate taste experience. Dark Opera: Fine dark chocolates with hazelnut and cocoa filling. White Opera: Fine white chocolates with hazelnut filling. Coffee Maestria: Fine dark chocolates and coffee filling. Giandujot Ferrero: Fine milk chocolates with hazelnuts. Biancoretti: Fine white chocolates with almonds. Milk Cupola: Fine milk chocolates with milky filling. Caramel Leonardo: Fine milk chocolates with caramel filling. Hazenut Duo: Fine milk chocolates with hazelnuts. Like us on Facebook at FerreroRocherUSA. Questions? Call 1-800-688-3552. Biancoretti: Made in Germany. All Other Chocolates: Made in United Kingdom.