Cafe Spice Yellow Tofu Curry with Thai Fried Rice

Cafe Spice® Yellow Tofu Curry with Thai Fried Rice. Vegan. 100% Plant based. Thai Yellow curry simmered with tofu, green beans, carrots, onions & coconut milk. Medium. Spice up your life! Artisan Thai cuisine. Net Wt. 16 oz (454 g). Welcome to Cafe Spice, a collection of culinary creations from around the world. With roots in India, we are passionate about food - especially authentic, spirited, and savory flavors that will spice up your life. Our Yellow Tofu Curry is an inspiration from our celebrated chef, Hari Nayak. Sumptuous cubes of tofu are simmered with potatoes and onions in a fragrantly spiced coconut milk. Served with a side of Thai Fried Rice, this is an international favorite that is sure to satisfy. Taste The Cafe Spice Difference. Made with local produce whenever possible. Made with all natural ingredients. Prepared in small batches in our kitchen. Microwavable. BPA-free trays. Recyclable. Tel. 845.863.0910.