Aunt Hatties Hot Dog Buns, Enriched, Potato

Taste the difference. Go with the grain. Aunt Hattie's tradition of quality baked bread and rolls continues with Aunt Hattie's potato hot dog buns. This secret family recipe captures the essence and goodness of the Dutch country bakers of Pennsylvania. Aunt Hattie's potato hot dog buns are a tasty blend of potatoes and unbleached wheat flour. We use the finest ingredients, bake them to a golden color and deliver them fresh to your favorite store. Taste The Difference and see for yourself from our family to yours since 1881 - Enjoy! Also enjoy Aunt Hatties 8 Potato hamburger buns and 6 potato sandwich buns. Eduard Eisele. Ed Eisele, 3rd Generation Holsum Baker. This symbol represents my personal guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with this product. If you are dissatisfied, for any reason, please return the universal bar code for a full refund to Holsum Bakery, Inc., PO Box 6690, Phoenix, Arizona 85005. Any comments regarding this product please feel free to call us at: 1.888.246.5786