Allagash Beer, Barrel & Bean

Tripel ale aged in bourbon barrels & blended with cold-brewed coffee. Speckled AK, a Main roaster, provides us with the coffee for this bear. They wood roast sun-dried Ethiopian beans, making for a coffee with rich notes of stone fruit and dark berry. We cold-brew this coffee and blend it with the beer after fermentation and barrel aging. Bourbon Barrels make up a key ingredient in the beer. Yes, ingredient. Just like the malt and yeast in this beer; the bourbon barrel affects the flavor: adding notes of vanilla, coconut, and bourbon. After seven weeks in a barrel, the Triple - a traditional Belgian golden ale-trans-forms. We then blend in cold-brewed coffee, giving you Barrel & Bean. Grains - Allagash 2-row malted barley blend. Hops - nugget, hallertau. Yeast - house. Other - bourbon barrels, cold-brewed coffee. Certified Brewers Association: Independent craft. To see what we're up to, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. (at)allagashbrewing. 10% alc. by vol. 20