7 11 Tomatoes, Ground

Packed from fresh tomatoes! Not from concentrate. It's a natural! 7/11 is a natural! 7/11 captures the fresh flavor and rich color of red ripe tomatoes by packing them fresh within hours of harvest. Made from ground unpeeled tomatoes, 7/11 is ideal in la cucina Italiana when the authentic look and taste of unpeeled fresh tomatoes is essential. We are proud to unconditionally guarantee the superior quality of all our products, day after day, year after year. Since our beginnings in 1942, we at Stanislaus Food Products have prided ourselves on packing the very best quality tomato products available. Down through the years, every employee in our company has maintained an unwavering commitment to quality, in the belief that quality products attract quality customers. We have not been disappointed. Thank you for knowing enough to buy the very best! - Tom Cortopassi, Co-Owner. The seal of quality.